Detoxification, Ayurvedic Treatment for Detoxification

What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification is basically physiological and medicinal way of removing toxic substances from the body, which is carried out by the liver in human body, Detoxification cleanse can be achieved by antidots and as well as techniques such as dialysis

Symptoms of Detoxification

● Overtiredness or disorder in sleeping patterns
● Irregular headaches
● Difficulty indigestion
● Abnormal urination patterns
● Inclination to vomit, queasiness
● Cravings for unhealthy diet

Causes of detoxification

As our lifestyle makes our body to expose itself to the present external environment around us which consist of pollutants, cancer-causing chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals and industrial waste which affects body metabolic rate, immune system and leads to disease,

Our diet plan plays Symptoms role as our digestive, nervous and hormonal system is designed to work simultaneously to have a good and healthy health, but we push our body to extremes by consuming unhealthy toxin food

Prevention of detoxification

Proper life cycle needs to be maintained for the timely and proper amount of sleeping patterns, timely and proper amount of food with proportionate nutrients which ll make our body feel light and active.

A healthy diet plan will lead long-term to detox us easily by consuming bright color fruits. Barriers, apples, vegetables, spices, nuts containing fibers and vitamins like c, E and D and consuming lean meat in proportionate amount for repairing the both internal and external tissues and consuming appropriate amount of fluids required by the body to stay hydrated and certain cardiovascular exercises to stay active, which will boost your metabolic rate and will help in proper digestion.

Before adopting any kind of diet plan make sure that you take advice from experts and Ayurveda has the best solution for your body type depending upon the lifestyle you have, if you want your body in much more better health condition do visit Ayurcliniq

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