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Fat liver is a condition that fat accumulates in the liver cells. It is said that one in seven asian people has fatty liver now. It has been considered as a mild illness in the past. However, recently, fatty liver has the potential to progress to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, and it has been found that the risk of various lifestyle diseases also increases.

Fatty liver caused by overweight due to obesity and excessive drinking of alcohol is a relatively mild disease among liver diseases which cures by improving lifestyle habits.

However, if you continue to live your life without improving your lifestyle habits, it is said that liver function may be further reduced, causing hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and eventually liver cancer from fatty liver.

In order to prevent liver cancer, those who have found abnormalities such as fatty liver by liver function test, let’s improve your lifestyle and prevent liver disease.

Causes of fatty liver

Fatty liver is a disease in which triglyceride accumulates in the liver. Lipids ingested by meals are absorbed in the small intestine and broken down into fatty acids in the liver, carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, absorbed from the small intestine, and then turned into neutral fat in the liver. It is only necessary to balance intake energy and consumption energy, but if you take too much lipid and carbohydrate and further exercise, fatty acids and glucose which you could not use were stored in the liver as neutral fat I will.

Neutral fat accumulates in the liver even if you drink too much. This is because when alcohol decomposes, neutral fat is more likely to be synthesized. Also, when becoming obese, fatty acid burning in the liver will be worse, so the neutral fat accumulates in the liver as well. In addition, those who made unreasonable diet such as extreme diet restrictions may become fatty liver called “malnutrition fatty liver”.

It is generally known that excessive drinking is bad for the liver. However, in fact it is caused by the fatty liver of the Indians, not due to excessive drinking, but due to too much overeating. This is called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Symptoms of fatty liver

There are two types of NAFLD, simple fatty liver (NAFL) which is easy to remedy symptoms and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis of severe type (NASH). NASH is known to progress to liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma if left untreated. NAFL may also proceed to NASH.

Everyone with fatty liver does not become severe, but it is important to discover it early, to improve the causal lifestyle and obesity, and follow-up observation.


Fatty liver has no subjective symptoms such as pain. However, when becoming a fat liver, it becomes so-called “muddy blood” and the blood flow gets worse, so oxygen and nutrients are not supplemented to the cells of the whole body, and symptoms such as tiredness easily, shoulder stiffness, head bumps appear Sometimes.

If you think, take a blood test. You may want to review the results of your health checkup. The reference value of ALT (GTP) representing function is less than 30 (IU / L), but if it is 20 (IU / L) or more, it is considered to be a fatty liver reserve army.

Home remedies for fatty liver

Fatty liver caused by lifestyle habits will recover if you improve your lifestyle. Doing diet therapy, exercise, abstinence and reducing body weight by 2 kg will reduce the amount of neutral fat accumulated in the liver and hepatic function will recover.

Unlike visceral fat and subcutaneous fat, the fat attached to the liver is easy to remove, but on the other hand, the fat is characterized by being attached from the liver. Even if fat temporarily decreases, it recurs if lifestyle returns. Since relapsing tends to go to NASH, let’s cut off bad life habits.

Improvement of dietary habits for the treatment of fatty liver means that we first decide to reduce greasy products, but it is sugar that we want to be more careful about. I know that if you eat carbohydrates on a daily basis, it tends to be fatty liver. Especially fruit of fruit is absorbed well, it tends to become neutral fat in the liver, so be careful.

It is said that rice, bread and noodles can be reduced by 500g per month, 2kg in 4 months, leaving just one mouth. It is recommended to enjoy fruits as seasonal taste, but for those who want to eat every day, please take 1/2 a day as a guide and eat at breakfast.

Continued exposure to active oxygen generated from stress, smoking, ultraviolet rays, etc. affects the onset of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). We have learned that catechin contained in green tea eliminates active oxygen generated in the body, especially the liver. There are also studies that it is good for metabolic syndrome, so it is effective for prevention of fatty liver.

When the blood glucose level rises sharply with a meal, a large amount of insulin which is a hormone lowering the blood glucose level is secreted. Because insulin stores surplus sugar as neutral fat, to prevent fatty liver, it is important not to raise the blood sugar value rapidly.

If you eat chewed and eat well in the order of vegetable side dishes → meat/fish side dish → rice (carbohydrates), the rise in blood glucose will be gentle and insulin secretion suppressed.

Because of fat burns with muscles, it is important to apply muscles to improve fatty liver. Light muscle training leads to improvement function, strengthening inner muscle increases basal metabolism, it becomes a body that is not overweight. Let’s make a habit “squat & stand to stand” by all means.

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